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Atheisme, een wereldbeeld zonder goden. Alles over waarom we een wereld nodig hebben gebaseerd op secularisme, humanisme, rationalisme en vrije kritiek.

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Het atheďstisch forum

11 03 09 - 12:26 - Categorie: netwerk meld je aanForum waar atheďsten en theďsten kunnen discussiëren.

Naam: Timothy
Website: het Atheďstisch forum
Contact: Via het forum

Auteur: Timothy

Dit artikel is 1916 keer gelezen.

drie reacties

bekijk dit filmpje!
Ismail () - 05 07 09 - 12:50

Hallo Ismail, bedankt voor de link. Ik zal het filmpje bekijken, maar ik reageer op het forum. Als ik een reactie heb geschreven, zal ik hier nog een link geven.
Els () - 05 07 09 - 14:53

Ik ben Theo Prinse - Terneuzen. hieronder het bewijs dat een opperwezen niet bestaat dat ik in het nederlands naar de vaste commissie voor onderwijs en wetenschappen heb gestuurd. Deze wat uitgebreidere engelse versie staat ook bij American Atheist.

The proof that a Supreme Being cannot exist.

Scientific proof/evidence is true when it can be falsified for it exists in infinity, else it is mono causal and finite.
The two major philosophies denying one another are Idealism and Materialism. Religion, superstition, sects etc. are all a smaller part of Idealism. Idealism accepts only faith as source of truth (morality) and rejects scientific evidence.
Materialism derives truth (knowledge) from scientific evidence and rejects faith to that end.
A Supreme Being cannot exist and – besides the empiric and semantic necessity of a material, physical, tangible character of a proof thereto - with the materiality of such a proof, with this matter only can be meant the smallest (constant of Planck) and not the largest matter (curving of space). Furthermore that from faith no proof can be derived for the existence of anything whatsoever. Simple faith is optimistic, and religious faith is construed phantasy.
Moreover, from infinity follows the existence of the graviton beyond the thus far smallest known particle. From these gravitons has - by reasoning - become clear that there are both free as well as fixed gravitons. Beyond the increasingly smaller realm of gravitons there is an infinite increasing ratio between the amount of matter (gravitons and ever smaller particles) and in annihilation being matter.(infinitely smaller particles)
The free gravitons ‘stand’ relatively still in space within their frame of reference in relation to the atomic objects like electrons and protons out of which man, planets and stars are formed. Their protons are formed from electrons and electrons from fixed gravitons. Gravity, and the four other quantum mechanical forces are the consequence of the interaction between free and fixed gravitons. (Unification)
Existence of both free and fixed gravitons furthermore assumes that the Idea is electronic. Products of the human mind are material particles.
Man-interpreted-surrounding-reality consists of continuous new progressing, material tautology (semantic necessity.
European atheism grew by reactionary Krupp-Flick bourgeoisies-caused-atrocities in two World Wars leading to postmodernism (nothing is true equals to faith without a god) among social-democrats and social academies.
Contemporary, nihilistic cultural-relativism which developed out of post-modern thought is - in contrast to it’s interpretation by ‘historians’ - in it’s non-realism non-cognitive, unreal, not-knowable, unaware, not able to recognize reactionary stealth and kinetic Jihad and Islam insinuation for shariah. But all this is not to be confused with semantic tautology.
In The USA, Christian intellectuals have (instead post-modernism) perfectly understood that not American atheists are their opponent, but philosophical materialism. They vulgarized Philosophical materialism into Big Mac mass consumerism insinuating atheists to believe idealistically that god does not exist.
Smell, heat etc. are nothing but colliding frictional particles. Feelings of insult like ‘blasphemy’ is without any exception ever self-inflicted neurological activity and laws against defamation, libel insult without proven material damage and blasphemy must be abolished for they prosecute the messenger.
So, although color, form, pressure, superconductivity etc. can be very relative, even tautologic, in viewing around us, all massive visible objects can be related with extreme scientific precision within the conceptions of space and time, while faith - with or without a god - can relate totally nothing.
The previous mentioned semantic necessity lies herein that besides semantic ideas, man also thinks spatially as well, so without word content, as Roman intellectuals like Lucretius, who, by projection of architectonic constructions got texts of law in their head who in their turn spoke about primitive man who did not yet have a semantic definition of a Supreme Being although they already knew from India of 12.000 year old atheistic semantic premisses.
Semantic thought - in distinction of spatial thought - comprises of exact defined, restricted and prejudiced, so mostly dogmatic, free-thought-indoctrinating contents of Ideas, definitions. (Semantic necessity)
The mentioned semantic necessity simply means that the previous mentioned content ‘micro and macro space’ in the logic context of their infinity - so these cosmologic and atomic infinity - so the identical semantic definition infinity - is imperative above every other content of definition, so therefore exists above that of the content of the so called definition of a Supreme Being.
There can be no Supreme Being because the material evidence of the (thus far known) outer boundaries of the astrophysical atomic and cosmological spatial definition Infinity - and herewith all inner lying, containing definitions and phenomena, and, as said, that the largest imagination of infinite expanding space is explained with the infinite conceivable smallest, and constituting the largest from the smallest or vice versa mutually semantically deny an
intelligible Supreme Being - are described as such by the scientific community in laws of particle ‘attraction’, spin, motion and exclusion, repulsion that herewith no Supreme Being could be interpreted or indicated and that it outside and beyond the continuously expanding spatial boundaries ever again and again lacks of semantic word definition.
The semantic word definition Infinity, simply comprehends more than the semantic word definition Supreme Being.
The definition Supreme Being is therefore secondary and every deducted moral assumption - the moral system of sanctions, with acquiescence, acceptance (of Christians) in/of sects like islam in their revenge towards critique against ‘apostasy of a doctrine of the faith’ - is therefor a strongly construed imaginative fiction. The apparent ‘weaker’ morality of a non-believer has been shout down for centuries in brutal domination by the imagined morality of the fading believer ....
Theo Prinse - 13 10 10 - 16:55

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Dinsdag 06 April 2010 at 12:30 am

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